“Women Entrepreneurs in Turbulent Times”

International Forum on Women Entrepreneurship in Ukraine and Poland

June 21 – Krakow (Poland), June 23 – Lviv (Ukraine)

organised by

London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (LCIR)

Interdisciplinary Research Foundation (IRF)

European Business Association (EBA) Western Ukrainian Office

under honorary patronage of

HM Rector of Cracow University of Technology Prof. Jan Kazior


The turbulence in economy nowadays is a trend. Appearing of new professions and products is absolutely unpredictable,  and owners of SME's are in much more bigger stress and chaos comparing to the situation of 10 years ago. This effect of sudden and unpredictable phenomena in economy is named Black Swan after self-titled bestseller of Nassim Taleb (2007) and became the classics of modern economics.

Additional challenges female business owners face, especially the ones dealing in emerging economies. Business women nowadays are pulled to play two-sexes-role: from one hand feminine-wife&mother-peacebuilder and from the other hand masculine-owner-warrior. That mixture of roles makes modern women to feel like the heroine of famous movie "The Black Swan" with split personality. Women should have enough time for kids to transfer the knowledge of generations and at the same time she should be on the wave of new knowledge, sometimes even creating it.

We have the results of scientific research of women entrepreneurship challenges from two countries with transforming economies - Ukraine (2012-2015) and Poland (in progress, 2015-2019), and expert opinion of international and local observers, to not only discuss current situation of female owned SME's in Ukraine and Poland, but also to work out the practical ways of that challenges overcoming through interactive trainings and consultancy of international experts.

We believe that modern successful business women in Ukraine (high inflation rate,  the going on conflict at the Ukrainian-Russian border,  high level of unemployment, massive migration of qualified stuff abroad) and Poland (Brexit impact, new government policy and conflict of interests at EU level) are acting in very turbulent times. Nevertheless women entrepreneurs are able to combine multiplying roles, creating new approaches/products/concepts and addressing the requirements of existing systems via networking links and mediation skills.


Keynote speakers:

Dr. John Johnson, Colorado State University - Global Campus, USA

Prof. Hanna Sanko, Colorado State University - Global Campus, USA


The forum is addressed to:

1) female small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs)  SMEs owners

2) governmental and non-governmental organizations

3) researchers and faculty

4) media and society

5) international organizations


Our goals:

  • to give a platform for SMART BUSINESS networks building between forum participants through friendly atmosphere, work in groups, social and cultural activities together;
  • to give a room for open discussion not only between international experts in women business and female entrepreneurs, but also interacting with local government to show the necessity of SMEs support;
  • to enlighten hidden challenges and share the experience of their overcoming in US, Ukraine and Poland;
  • to connect the results of research with current situation at emerging markets of Ukraine and Poland (i.e. plenty Ukrainian companies have moved their headquarters to Poland because of unstable political and economic situation in the country; international corporations are moving their offices to Poland massively because of lower labor price and good infrastructure)
  • to work out the ways of overcoming main challenges the female entrepreneurs face and share new knowledge.

Working language:

in Krakow - Polish with translation of questions into English for foreign experts

in Lviv - Ukrainian with translation of questions into English for foreign experts


Participation fee:

full - €35

special (for partners) - €25

Registration closes on June 20, 2017



There is a possibility for students to get practical experience as volunteers at the Forum (official certificates from London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research will be provided).



Krakow, June 21, 2017

9.00 - 17.00 Conference hall "GIL", ul. Warszawska 24 (for location at 18.00 please scroll down)

18.00 - 20.00 Pauza in Garden, ul. Rajska 12

Lviv, June 23, 2017

New conference hall of KredoBank, Tsechova str, 1 (вул. Цехова 1)